Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

How does VFIN generate revenue?

The VFIN exchange generates revenue from trading fees and subscriptions.

Which issues of current exchanges is VFIN targeting?

VFIN targets the biggest issues users face on current exchanges, most specifically the lack of security, liquidity, bad user experience and unintuitive UI and high fees.

How does VFIN solve these issues?

We will implement novel technologies aimed at protecting the funds of investors through multi-layered authentication systems for private key storage. Furthermore, we will also employ cold storage to a considerable percentage of the funds in order to minimize the negative effect of a successful hacker attack. Various insurance services will protect the investors’ funds and further minimize the dangers of loss due to theft and the resulting illiquidity events, should our security be compromised. Security audits will ensure our technical infrastructure is on point at all times. We will also employ several external third parties with high reputation who will be responsible for independent auditing of our storage at regular intervals.

Users will get access to much lower fees through our gamification program rewarding high trading activity with discounts.

As for the usability side, we have spent years developing our UX / UI and doing usability tests to ensure that even a beginner can find anything they are looking for on the exchange.

What are the investor rewards exactly?

The VFIN security token gives its holders right to 30% of the net profit we generate from trading fees and subscriptions on the exchange.

Is the VFIN token audited and regulated? What protects my investment?

Yes, the token has passed its security audit successfully - this is the link to the publicly available audit.

As a security token, VFIN is subject to strict legal regulations, which are aimed at protecting investors. This means that we are monitored when it comes to how we operate with investors’ funds, making sure we are going to entirely commit them towards the development of the exchange.

How can I acquire the VFIN token?

You can buy VFIN through our secure investor dashboard. This page can give you more information on the exact steps - its really easy and takes only a couple of minutes.

Is the VFIN token going to be listed on exchanges?

Yes, right after the conclusion of the main sale. Stay tuned for updates on which exchanges VFIN will be listed on.

How is the VFIN exchange different from other crypto exchanges?

VFIN adopts a completely new approach when it comes to the security and liquidity, as well as the user experience, rewards and interaction possibilities. We are planning on creating more than just an exchange, but a whole crypto ecosystem that will drive the adoption of crypto concepts to new heights through the introduction of a variety of incentive mechanisms, Web3 concepts and financial services that bridge the gap between fiat and crypto.