VFIN Exchange
Crypto trading & investing reinvented

The VFIN exchange offers the most comprehensive crypto trading and investing experience while providing access to financial services bridging the gap between fiat and crypto.


Advanced trading and investing options

Spot trading, margin trading, derivates and much more!


Interaction possibilities

Newsfeeds, Metaverse, trading competitions and many others!


User retention

Enjoy various rewards like gifts and gamification.


Financial services

Explore our various financial and payment services!


We bring crypto trading and investing to a new level

VFIN will be more than just an exchange - our vision is to create a whole ecosystem that will drive the adoption of crypto concepts to new heights through the introduction of a variety of incentive mechanisms, Web3 concepts and financial services that bridge the gap between fiat and crypto.


Security standards and storage of funds

We will implement novel technologies aimed at protecting the funds of investors.

  • Multi-layered authentication systems for private key storage
  • Cold storage
  • Funds insurance
  • Independent audits

Elevating the experience of traders and investors to new heights

VFIN will improve on the key aspects that most crypto exchange users today are not happy with.

  • Interactive onboarding
  • The most intuitive UI and UX
  • Low fees under the industry's average

The VFIN ecosystem


Trading and investing

VFIN will go far beyond the basic functionalities any exchange should cover such as multiple payment methods for deposits, advanced charting, history of transactions, deposits and withdrawals.


User retention

We will introduce a variety of user retention strategies that will help us acquire and maintain a consistently growing user base of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders and investors.



Our goal is to excel in providing our traders and investors with a much broader scope than just the traditional trading options they already have on existing solutions.


Financial services

The financing and payment functionalities include a variety of payment services such as a debit card supported by a variety of merchants around the globe, borrowing and lending, the VFIN wallet and more.

Trading and investing features


Spot and Margin

Next to spot trading, we will offer the possibility for margin trading.



Traders will get access to various derivative options such as futures and others.



Enjoy staking of multiple leading cryptos at some of the highest percentages on the market, liquidity farming and others.


Trading automation

Advanced trading automation through bots will allow users to have predefined actions automatically executed whenever a certain event occurs.


Investment packages and automated investing

Investment packages allow the user to choose from different investment bundles that are balanced in different ways between risk-return ratios.


NFT marketplace

We will offer the possibility for users to sell and buy single NFTs and NFT collections.


AI Trading

Full-fledged AI module with advanced analysis and automated buy and sell order placement.

Interaction possibilities



VFIN will provide a newsfeed functionality similar to social networks with crypto-related content.


Virtual trading

Virtual trading will provide users with the possibility to trade and invest with an unlimited free virtual currency.



The Academy will be a separate area on the exchange, which will provide access to a variety of learning resources.


Trading competitions

Various trading competitions on the exchange that will range from beginners to more advanced users with different prizes await users.



We envision the integration of a full-fledged Metaverse experience directly on the exchange, which will provide users with a variety of interaction possibilities.


Virtual games

We will also implement the possibility for users to participate in a variety of games in the Metaverse where they can showcase their digital items.

User retention

  • ...
    Trading and investing

    Various sign-up bonuses ranging from crypto, NFTs, cosmetic rewards and others await new users.

  • ...

    We will periodically initiate cashbacks to users based on their previously paid trading fees on the VFIN exchange.

  • ...
    Gift boxes

    Users will also receive gift boxes for completing certain challenges, which will contain a variety of surprises inside them.

  • ...
    Referral program

    Users referring others will get the rank of Ambassadors and be rewarded with various prizes including cryptos like BTC or ETH.

  • ...
    Gamification program

    The gamification program will reward traders and investors for their contribution to the exchange with various rewards and ranks.

User retention
Financing and payment functionalities

Financing and payment functionalities

  • ...
    VFIN debit card

    The VFIN debit card will enable us in bridging the gap between crypto and fiat as fast and as efficiently as possible in the foreseeable future.

    The VFIN debit card will be available in physical form, as well digitally in the VFIN Wallet.

  • ...
    VFIN wallet

    We are planning on creating a digital wallet, which will add a higher degree of convenience and flexibility when it comes to crypto payments.

    The VFIN Online Banking function in the VFIN Wallet will additionally allow users to transfer and receive fiat and cryptocurrencies to banks and VFIN wallet users, scan deposit slips with reference numbers or QR codes and make payments.

  • ...
    Borrowing and lending

    Borrowing and lending services will enable users to borrow from the VFIN exchange against a locked collateral.

The ZFIN utility token

ZFIN will be a utility token that will be launched at the later stages of the project development during phase 2.

The ZFIN Utility Token will be based on its own blockchain network and will offer several functionalities. These include the creation of flexible smart contracts, direct payments and various payment services for businesses and merchants. The token is envisioned to also primarily be used to pay for trading fees on the VFIN exchange at a discount of 25%.

With the launch of ZFIN, the VFIN project will establish itself as a decentralized ecosystem for blockchain projects of all kinds. The token will be the central means of payment within the ecosystem.


Read our Whitepaper and One Pager to learn more about our mission and offering.

Token sale


Token name


Token type





27.708.333 VFIN

Token supply

22.166.666 VFIN

Total for sale

1,00 CHF

STO price (main sale)

20.000.000 CHF

Hard cap

Private sale 01.06.2024 - 31.07.2024
  • 7.500.000 VFIN Amount
  • 0,80 CHF Price
  • 20% Bonus
Pre-sale 01.08.2024 - 30.09.2024
  • 6.666.666 VFIN Amount
  • 0,90 CHF Price
  • 10% Bonus
Main sale 01.10.2024 - 30.11.2024

Token distribution

  • Crowdsale: 80%
  • Team & Advisors: 15%
  • Liquidity: 5%

Funds distribution

  • Development: 65%
  • Marketing: 30%
  • Legal costs: 5%

Project roadmap



  • September 2023
    • Official release of the whitepaper
    • Website, dashboard and smart contract development
  • October 2023
    • Smart contract audit
    • Start of negotiations with investors (VCs, Angel investors, private investors)

Token sale, token listing and development

  • June 2024
    • Start of the private sale
    • Initiation of the marketing strategy
  • August 2024
    • Start of the pre-sale
  • October 2024
    • Start of the main sale
  • November 2024
    • Conclusion of the main sale
    • Listing of the VFIN token
    • Start of the UX / UI design
    • Start of the technical development

Launch of the exchange
and further expansion

  • January 2025
    • MVP / Prototype of the exchange
  • Q1 2025
    • Alpha version of the exchange
  • Q2 2025
    • Official launch of the VFIN Exchange
    • Start of the mobile app development
  • Q3 2025
    • Development and implementation of further functionalities
  • Q4 2025
    • First dividend payout to VFIN token holders
    • Completion of Phase 1


Graziano Gasparrini

Founder & CEO
  • Passionate cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast with deep understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

Advisory board

Dimitri Haußmann

Blockchain advisor
  • Founder of one of the leading agencies for blockchain development in D-A-CH
  • Over ten successful ICOs with a total funding of >$450M
  • Vast experience in the technical development of complex projects
  • Active on the cryptocurrency / blockchain markets for over 5 years

Martin Slavchev

Strategy advisor
  • Strategy advisor and project manager for over 10 successful ICOs
  • Extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts such as ICOs, STOs, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and
  • Passionate cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast with deep understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

Fabian Klein

Marketing advisor
  • Marketing advisor, project and community manager for five successful ICOs
  • Extensive experience in PR, marketing and community building
  • Passionate cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast with deep understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.